Lord   Rolle's   Canal

The Book

Although this short tub-boat canal was superseded by the railway after fewer than 50 years the Rolle, or Torrington, Canal played a vital part in changing the landscape and prosperity of North Devon.

Engineered by James Green it incorporated a lock, an inclined plane, and a magnificent aqueduct.

Mentioned in few canal books, "Lord Rolle's Canal" attempts to redress the balance, drawing on contemporary documents, maps, newspaper reports, and the census to bring to life some of the men who financed, ran, or worked on the canal.

"- - - Greatly desired book - - -

And what a treat it is! Handsomely printed in colour as well as black and white it is a fascinating account of what was a major new transport link for the town"

North Devon Journal   14th December 2006

"Brings to life the story of this obscure West Country waterway, describing its route, the people who worked it, and the cargoes they carried"

Canal Boat   February 2007